viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

This is Luiz Eca & Bill Evans - Ao Vivo no Chiko's Bar (1979)

1.Noelle's Theme
2. ?
3.Who can I turn to
4.Letter to Evan
7.Wave (Leny Andrade, Eca and Marc)
8.Hermeto Paschoal Theme (Chorinho Pra Ele)
9.Letter to Evan and ?
11.Bill's hit tune
13.Stella by starlight
14.E nada mais...

track 7 features Leny Andrade, Cidinho and Marc Johnson. Cidinho is also on track 8, Chorinho Pra Ele. On track 14, E Nada Mais is played by Luiz Eça and Cidinho, 4 hands piano.

29Sep1979, Saturday, right after Bill's concert at Sala Cecilia Meirelles, where he played with Marc Jonhsos and Joe La Barbera.

Respect to the unidentified theme after "Letter to Evan" - Bill Evans played some days before in Rosario, Argentina; he played this tune and it's been impossible to pin - Maybe he was experimenting with a new composition.