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The Complete Tony Benett and Bill Evans Recordings - 2CD (2009)


01.Young and Foolish 03:55
02.The Touch of Your Lips 03:57
03.Some Other Times 04:42
04.When in Rome 02:55
05.We Ll Be Together Again 04:39
06.Mmy Foolish Heart 04:51
07.Waltz for Debby 04:05
08.But Beautiful 03:37
09.The Days of Wine and Roses 02:24
10.The Bad and the Beautiful 02:18
11.Licky to Be Me 03:45
12.Make Someone Happy 03:53
13.You Re Nearer 02:23
14.A Child is Born 03:17
15.The Two Lonely People 04:27
16.You Dont Know What Love is 03:28
17.Maybe September 03:55
18.Lonely Girls 02:50
19.You Must Believe in Spring 05:52
20.Who Can I Turn to 02:28
21.Dream Dancing 03:46


01.Young and Foolish Take 4 04:46
02.The Touch of Your Lips Take 1 02:55
03.Some Other Time Take 7 04:56
04.When in Rome Take 11 02:57
05.Waltz for Debby Take 8 03:50
06.The Bad and the Beautiful Take 1 02:13
07.The Bad and the Beautiful Take 2 02:10
08.Make Someone Happy Take 5 03:54
09.Your Nearer Take 9 02:58
10.A Child is Born Take 2 03:27
11.A Child is Born Take 7 03:12
12.The Two Lonely People Take 5 04:44
13.You Dont Know What Love is Take 16 03:33
14.You Dont Know What Love is Take 18 03:37
15.Maybe September Take 5 04:38
16.Maybe September Take 8 04:32
17.Lonely Girl Take 1 02:58
18.You Must Believe in Spring Take 1 06:02
19.You Must Believe in Spring Take 4 05:36
20.Who Can I Turn to Take 6 02:30

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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(a) Thank you for the Tony Bennett/Bill Evans.

(b) The "comments" by pittsburghmom are spam. You should delete them.


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Muchas gracias, estoy disfrutando de las sesiones completas de dos maestros.

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What a fabulous share Thanks ☮ldhippierick ♪ ♫ ♪

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!many thanks! great blog!

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Fantastic blog.

And this is coming from a Bill Evans freak.

Keep the spirit alive!

Bless you!!!

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