sábado, 11 de septiembre de 2010

IF YOU've EVER downloaded an album from HERE...

You can contact me at my email address: que_alegria_vivir@hotmail.com

PLEASE upload healthy LINKS as there are many fallen, deleted or broken.
LET'S NOT MISS this beautiful PLACE.

Can you send me the links of the CD´s that you upload to a host to my email address/or post anonymously in their respective entry.

IF YOU've EVER downloaded an album from HERE...I appreciate that you reupload it to another host and then you post it in this blog, thank you! and for keep UP the quality of the blog.

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Manu dijo...

En castellano: si usas éste blog ayudame a conservarlo y cuidarlo, es un jardín demasiado inmenso para un solo responsable. Gracias, amigos.