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Bill Evans & Orchestra - Brandeis Jazz Festival - (1957)

Art Farmer, Louis Mucci (tp) Jimmy Knepper (tb) Jim Buffington (frh) Robert DiDomenica (fl) Manuel Zegler (basn) John LaPorta (as) Hal McKusick (ts) Margaret Ross (harp) Teddy Charles (vib) Bill Evans (p) Barry Galbraith (g) Joe Benjamin (b) Ted Sommer (d) George Russell, Gunther Schuller (arr, cond)
"Brandeis Jazz Festival", NYC, June 10, 1957

(Teo Macero (bars) Fred Zimmerman (b) Charles Mingus (voice) replaces Benjamin
"Brandeis Jazz Festival", NYC, June 18, 1957
Joe Benjamin (b) replaces Macero, Zimmerman, Mingus
"Brandeis Jazz Festival", NYC, June 20, 1957)

1. All About Rosie, Pts. 1-2 - Bill Evans, Russell, G.
2. Suspensions - Bill Evans, Giuffre, J.
3. Transformation - Bill Evans, Schuller, G.
4. On Green Mountain - Bill Evans, Shapero, H.
5. All Set - Bill Evans, Babbitt, M.
6. Revelations - Bill Evans, Mingus, C.
7. Dancing in the Dark - Bill Evans, Dietz
8. I Love You - Bill Evans, Porter, C.
9. 'S Wonderful - Bill Evans, Gershwin, George


"All About Rosie belonged to a group of pieces commissioned from six composers who were able to write in the "mixed" language of the Third Stream, which many musicians were studying and experimenting with in those years. The six compositions were to be performed at the Brandeis jazz Festival in the summer of 1957 by an orchestra co-conducted by Günter Schuller and George Russell. Evans' overwhelmingly swinging performance in All About Rosie struck both journalists and musicians. Critic Nat Hentoff commented that "aside from proving himself professionally-speaking, Evans has some very original and meaningful things to say."
(Bill Evans: Ritratto d’artista con pianoforte/Bill Evans: The Pianist as an Artist.Enrico Pieranunzi, Rome 1999, Stampa Alternativa)(thanks !!!)

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