lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

Tony Scott - Sung heroes - (1959)

Tony Scott (cl, p, g, bs)
Bill Evans (p)
Scott LaFaro (b)
Paul Motian (d)
1959, October 28, 29 - USA, NYC - Fine Studio
[tracks 1-8]

Tony scott (cl)
Juan Sastre (g)
1958 - USA, NYC
[track 9]

1. Misery
2. Portrait of Anne Frank
3. Remembrance of Art Tatum
4. Requiem for Hot Lips Page
5. Blues for An African Friend
6. For Stefan Wolpe
7. Israel
8. Memory of My Father
9. Lament to Manolete

All compositions by Tony Scott

Sunnyside SSC 1015-D

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neil dijo...

been listening to 'Golden Moments', so this will hit the spot...

alfredlion dijo...

Thanks for sharing this album. It looks really interesting. Be nice to hear the trio in a supporting role.

Thanks very much for this wonderful blog dedicated to one of the giants of Jazz and music in general. I greatly appreciate it.