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The complete Riverside Recordings (1956-1963)

Discos / Duración / Intrépretes

01. - 1956 - New Jazz Conceptions [72:32]with Teddy Kotick (bass); Paul Motian (drums)

02. - 1958 - Everybody Digs Bill Evans [65:37]with Sam Jones (bass); Philly Joe Jones (drums)

03. - 1959 - Portrait In Jazz [66:33]with Scott LaFaro (bass); Paul Motian (drums)

04. - 1961 - Explorations [69:17]with Scott LaFaro (bass); Paul Motian (drums)

05. - 1961 - Sunday At the Village Vanguard [65:48]with Scott LaFaro (bass); Paul Motian (drums)

06. - 1961 - Waltz For Debby [65:11]with Scott LaFaro (bass); Paul Motian (drums)

07. - 1962 - Moon Beams [68:39]with Chuck Israels (bass); Paul Motian (drums)

08. - 1962 - How My Heart Sings! [66:32]with Chuck Israels (bass); Paul Motian (drums)

09. - 1962 - Interplay [69:04]with Freddie Hubbard (trumpet); Jim Hall (guitar); Percy Heath (bass); Philly Joe Jones (drums)

10. - 1963 - At Shelly's Manne Hole [63:53]with Chuck Israels (bass); Larry Bunker (drums)

11. - 1963 - The Solo Sessions Volume 1 [66:10]Bill Evans (piano)

12. - 1963 - The Solo Sessions Volume 2 [70:40]Bill Evans (piano)

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gracias a por los links de descarga.

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gracias totales

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Thank you very much for this wonderful box set... it doesn't get much better than this!!!


P.S. Could add the booklet scans?


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Could you add the booklet scans?

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amazing! thanks!

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booklet included as separate archive - "pics" in title.
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I No Longer Have To Wonder Witch Album would be the best to represent Bill Evans this is Just Great :-)
Thanks Rick

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some of the links no longer work!

best wishes from outback quensland

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All the links are broken, if you could help, thank you very much.