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Modern Art - Art Farmer (1958)

1. Mox Nix
2. Fair Weather
3. Darn That Dream
4. The Touch Of Your Lips
5. Jubilation
6. Like Someone In Love
7. I Love You
8. Cool Breeze

Art Farmer Quintet Art Farmer (tp) Benny Golson (ts, arr) Bill Evans (p) Addison Farmer (b) Dave Bailey (d) Gigi Gryce (arr)
Nola's Penthouse Sound Studios, NYC, September 10, 11 & 14, 1958

Mox NixUnited Artists UAL 4007

Fair Weather-

Darn That Dream-

The Touch Of Your Lips-


Like Someone In Love-

I Love You-

Cool Breeze-
* Art Farmer - Modern Art (United Artists UAL 4007, UAS 5007; Blue Note CDP 7 84459-2)


"...Modern Art, which was further proof of how completely he had mastered the art of comping. It could be said that this whole period was the beginning of Evans' important work on silence. His interaction with Davis, the depth of the musical contents that Miles and the other members of the group expressed, had accelerated in him the ripening of an expressiveness in which pauses, the waiting and the tacit, questioning resonance seem more important than sound.

He never took his relationship with sound for granted; even when the situation called for his professional mastery only, when the musical project was not his own (as on the beautiful album with Art Farmer, in fact), he succeeded in speaking a language in which the more reserved his contribution seemed the more penetrating his playing became. A few bars played under one of the horns soloing, or a few more in his own solo, were enough to profoundly change the atmosphere, filling it with a both delicate and irresistible magnetism that sounded almost mysterious. Evans was there, tuned-in to the soloist, "speaking" with him, participating with him, but at the same time he was far away in a place all his own where there was no one else but him."

(Bill Evans: Ritratto d’artista con pianoforte/Bill Evans: The Pianist as an Artist.Enrico Pieranunzi, Rome 1999, Stampa Alternativa)(thanks !!!)

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