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Bill Evans - Time Remembered - 1963

Time Remembered (Milestone M 47068)
Bill Evans (p) Chuck Israels (b) Larry Bunker (d)
``Shelly's Manne-Hole'', Hollywood, CA, May 14, 1963

* Who Cares?, What Is This Thing Called Love?, Lover Man, How About You?
same personnel
``Shelly's Manne-Hole'', Hollywood, CA, May 19, 1963

* In a Sentimental Mood, Everything Happens to Me, Time Remembered, My Heart Stood Still

1LISTENDanny Boy 10:41
2LISTENLike Someone In Love 6:27
3LISTENIn Your Own Sweet Way 2:58
4LISTENEasy To Love 4:42
5LISTENSome Other Time 6:12
6LISTENLover Man 5:06
7LISTENWho Cares? 5:24
8LISTENWhat Is This Thing Called Love? 5:48
9LISTENHow About You? 4:06
10LISTENEverything Happens To me 4:47
11LISTENIn A Sentimental Mood 4:26
12LISTENMy Heart Stood Still 4:34
13LISTENTime Remembered 5:35

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